Note-taking and the Unicode

Marat Saytakov
1 min readApr 27, 2018

My friend and I finally rolled out a new version of Chars. A simple app to take notes quickly. It also has a Unicode characters keyboard inside.

☞ Available for free on the App Store

Even this beautiful icon you’ll like to have on your iPhone Home Screen (springboard.) We’re very proud on how well the app is designed and programmed. App handles gesture navigation as you expect it to be. App made with battery efficiency and accessibility in mind. (I’m not very good in accessibility though, but we’ll continue to improve that.) Haptic feedback, sounds, easter eggs, cloud sync, and more.

It took 3 years of spare time development and 350 internal builds since previous 1.1. Whole Swift 2→3→4 migrations. Now all warnings are cleaned up, all #fixmes are fixed, and it’s finally here! (App Store)

This release wouldn’t be complete without a new fancy responsive website describing all the features (and updating!) ☞

Please have a look. We’re looking forward for your responses. ∀✓︎✈︎☀︎⚡︎